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LGBTQ+ pride is the advocacy for the self-affirmation, dignity, equality, and increased visibility of LGBTQ+ people. Every June, millions of people come together to fight for the freedom, equity, and power of every LGBTQ+ person.

by Sara Silvester

26th June 2021


Sheikh Jarrah is located in occupied East Jerusalem. Under International law, East Jerusalem legally belongs to the Palestinian territories. However, Israel has been illegally occupying it for decades, and now has full control over the land.

by Aysan Dehghani and Zeina Samara

19th May 2021


I'm a firm believer that by increasing representation in the media, devoid of stereotypes or undeveloped characters, we can all become more open-minded people and recognise that all people regardless of color, gender or sexual orientation, are complete individuals like you or I.

by Nicole Nedeff

15th May 2021


Myanmar gained independence from Britain in 1948 and has been under military control from 1962 until 2011 when a government introduced a partial form of democracy, which was abruptly halted following last month’s military coup.

by Sara Silvester

13th April 2021


Laicité: the principle denoting the freedom of religion and neutrality, dating back to the freedom of public institutions from the Catholic Church, is currently being questioned at the hands of the government. 

by Aysan Dehghani and Megan Kadzirange

10th April 2021


Youth climate organizations, such as the Climate Hub at the University of British Columbia, provide hope and illustrate how protests can lead to wider systemic change.

by Lukas Troni and Sara Silvester

7th March 2021


Writers reached out to their local organizations that aid women whilst fighting structural injustices pitted against women’s health, development and safety - with everyday that goes by,  women take on more than they can bare. 

by The TimeLapse Team

8th March 2021


What makes an American? Is it the apple pie? The obsession with reality TV? Is it the Coca-Cola consumption, or what about the ironic use of “goddamn” despite the country’s Christian roots?

by Nicole Nedeff

20th February 2021


As a highly social species, our brains are wired to be acutely aware of social situations and cues, meaning that inevitably, there will come a time when we feel self-conscious about our intellect, looks, interests and abilities.

by Antonia Angueira

11th February 2021


For years the Uighur people have been facing mistreatment and abuse, with more than two million Uighurs detained in China’s Xinjiang region, yet instead of a media uproar and political discourse, they are met with silence.

by Sara Silvester

22nd January 2021

Celebrating a Civil Rights Leader

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” Today we celebrate Martin Luther King, a civil rights leader.

by Cassandra Owei, Megan Kadzirange and MK

18th January 2021


Yesterday’s events have made it clear: America, the “land of the free,” is only truly free for white men. Trump has used his lies to protect and encourage his supporters, fueling hypocrisy and the maltreatment of all who do not serve him. 

by Aysan Dehghani & Lindsay Shachnow

8th January 2021


Does the state hold the power to enforce a sentence when they can't even face the injustices they bring onto their people? Other nations?

by Aysan Dehghani

22nd December 2020


Recent political events in Poland have deprived women of their fundamental human right to abortion. Through an outbreak of global protests, they continue to demonstrate an unrelenting degree of courage and spirit.

by Grace Burtnick

18th November 2021


We asked youth across the US and the world what they thought about the election and political climate in America, and gathered photos from photographers across the nation to illustrate the election through their eyes. 

Photography by Lindsay Schachnow

7th November 2020


Our writer Antonia Angueira let’s you in on a little secret: she has aphantasia. Discover the intricacies of having a mind’s eye that is blind.

by Antonia Anguiera

15th October 2020


Women are constantly made to feel smaller than men. When it comes to leadership, we need our women to lead the way and we must teach our girls to make their voices heard.

by Aysan Dehghani & Lindsay Shachnow

22nd August 2020

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