The TimeLapse partners with other female teen-run organisations to amplify voices and enact lasting social change.

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The Bipartisan Feminist Project is a national youth initiative aiming to take the politics out of feminism to advance pro-women legislation and ensure equal treatment for women globally. Through informative workshops, publications, and grassroots advocacy campaigns, they are establishing a generation of students who understand that anyone can be a feminist regardless of political affiliation or gender.


The Bipartisan Feminist Project, founded by high school junior Veronica Tadross in January 2020, is represented in several states across the U.S. This summer, they will be holding an online Bipartisan Advocacy Program and establishing Chapters across the country. To learn more about this organization or get involved, click on the link below.

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Edvardine Joseph is the founder of the International Student Aid Association. For nonprofits focused on Haiti’s education system who need social media management, aid in fundraising, and help raising awareness of the challenges the system faces, the International Student Aid Association is an education nonprofit aid network that handles fundraising and publicity for nonprofits. The International Student Aid Association is aimed to help nonprofits implement positive change on a larger scale. 

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Platform Z

Z Mahbub launched Platform Z in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. “Through Platform Z, I design and sell custom clothing, accessories and stationery to raise money for two causes that I care deeply about, girls education in Pakistan and the Black Lives Matter movement. I am donating 90% of the proceeds of all sales to the Iqra Fund in support of girls education in Pakistan and to Black Lives Matter Foundation and the George Floyd Memorial Fund.”

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Founded by two young females of color in The Bronx, Journals of Color motivates Bronx teens to stimulate change within their communities by utilizing their writing and artistic abilities as their voices. Writers in this literary magazine have the freedom to express anything, whether it be writing about current events, social media, college, mental health, personal anecdotes, and many more. Whatever is written, is heard. The staff at Journals of Color will flourish into catalysts of social change due to the diversity, talents, and intelligence exchanged among one another. People of color, especially teens, have their voices and creativity belittled and manipulated by those in positions of power. However, the platform at Journals of Color IS the change that the world needs to see. Real teens, real voices, and real change straight from an underrepresented community itself, The Bronx. 

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